From its original small beginnings, Snowliner Coaches has grown from strength to strength through the years owing to the commitment and perseverance of its founder, his family and the staff, and in no small part the loyalty of a local and regional passenger support base.

It is now a more diverse operation than earlier anticipated, with a fully licensed travel agency (Snowliner Travel) and a solid background of specialised group touring.


Snowliner Coaches is indeed aptly named, not just for its being situated near our world renowned snowfields, but also because its reputation for good service is highly regarded.

There's a whole world of difference between just a break from the usual and a fully fledged holiday adventure with Snowliner Coaches, we have the expertise, contacts and know-how to make it all happen exactly as you want it to.

The travel team at Snowliner Coaches have the experience to organise evening theatre trips to Canberra, weekend jaunts to Sydney or extended tours to the Melbourne Cup, Australian Open or Around Australia.

There certainly is a very good reason why they say "it's the way to go".

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